Mikrobølgekake til fest 

Denne mikrobølgekaken er pyntet til fest. Den står på en underskål.

Oppskriften og bildet tilhører Tara Lynn Quick – fra gruppen «Keto for Badass Babes» på Facebook:

For my birthday, since I’m solo, I made myself a little 4-layer and then a couple 2-layer mini cakes (they are actually microwave mug cake). Then I had extra frosting so I added a couple drops of food coloring and plopped it into a Ziploc bag. Hence, the bulbous decoration. 😛

EDIT: I had two little slices from the 4-layer and am full. Those are teacup saucers so you can see how small the cakes are. It’s amazing how little you need when your cake is full of protein and fat. These will last me about a week! I’ll link the recipe in the comments. The frosting was my own with just a brick of soft cream cheese, 1 stick grassfed butter, & Swerve to taste (half cup was PLENTY).


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